About Event

The explosion in cell therapy development companies has fueled a need to develop well-characterized clinical products which has resulted in the call for robust and validated analytical assays now being louder and more important than ever before.

The inaugural Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit brings you the leaders in CMC, analytics and process development to create standardized and automated analytical techniques and technologies for improved therapeutic characterization at scale.

Join over 100 of the world’s experts as we discuss how to navigate a murky regulatory landscape, robustly validate assays and advance the characterization of CAR-T and TCR cell therapy analytics to ensure safe, consistent and quality cell therapy products.

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Why do experts attend our cell therapy summits?

“Moments where we can come together with passionate individuals and companies who are focused on advancing cancer care are inspiring, and the CAR-TCR Summit is no different. We are energized by the discussions about cell therapy and its potential applications for bringing new therapies to patients in need.”


“This is a best in class and top summit in the cell therapy area which is an invaluable asset to both industries and academia.”

University of Pennsylvania

“This meeting enables us to see what is happening and discuss real world applications. It is extremely informative to consider what to do when we apply CAR or TCR to patients.”

Takara Bio