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The 5th Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit

The Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit returned in 2023 as the most comprehensive, technical meeting exclusively dedicated to analytical development within cell therapy, supporting the industry’s priority to refine and future-proof analytical tools to speed up product release.

Attendees joined as an engaged community this to learn from data-driven case studies and collaborate through 8+ hours of networking and discussion-based sessions across 3 days of focussed content. Attendees developed a comprehensive understanding on how to accelerate your analytical package to expedite product release and treat more patients.

Increase high throughput screenings and accelerate workflows to gain dedicated insights into automation and leverage machine learning.

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Refine your analytical strategy and accelerate product commercialization through candid discussions in 6 workshops dedicated to potency, comparability, impurity testing, and regulations.

Expand your analytical expertise and propel advancements of cell therapies beyond CAR-T products with technical sessions dedicated to autologous and allogeneic iPSC-derived, NK and Gamma Delta products for oncology and regenerative medicine 

Inform a comprehensive analytical package and boost confidence in product safety by deepening your understanding of characterizing gene-edited products and vectors

Streamline your analytical package to meet QC standards with, join dedicated topics recognizing the inherent symbiosis between analytics and quality.

Who Attended?

This meeting united technical leads and decision-makers across cell therapy analytical development with expertise spanning across all assay types and technology focus. The summit was designed for those working on early and late-stage cell therapy development to support learning across the analytical department.

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What Past Attendees Have Said:

"The conference was a great platform to learn about trends and challenges in cell therapy analytical development. It was a good mix of presentations, panel and roundtable discussions, with plenty of opportunities to network with and learn from professionals in the space.”
Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Very focused and valuable content with pharmaceutical industry participation for the Cell Therapy Analytical Development market.”
BD Biosciences

"It was a great opportunity to learn more about the field and to network with some great minds.”
Repertoire Immune Medicines

"I really enjoyed the exceptional quality of the presentations and the variety of speakers/vendors. Seeing the different and unique methods that the community is using to analyze potency, safety and efficacy was especially interesting to me. ”
Bristol Myers Squibb

"The meeting connected professionals in the field to discuss the challenges and solutions.”
Rubius Therapeutics

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak with professionals that are facing similar challenges as I am, but also the passion and dedication.”
Sana Biotechnology

"‘Lots of opportunity for discussion with attendees. I liked the speed networking session.”
Atara Biotherapeutics

"The meeting had a good distribution of speakers who talked about what is the current status and where the field is aspiring to be.”
University of Minnesota