About Event

As more cell therapies advance through clinical trials towards approval, the explosive excitement in cell therapy development continues to increase, and is fueling the need to develop robust and well-characterized methods of production of cell therapies.

The 2nd Cell Therapy Analytical  Development Summit is dedicated to advancing the next generation of cell therapies, through exploring how to robustly validate assays and advance the characterization of cell immunotherapy analytics to ensure safe, effective and quality cell therapy products.

Join us virtually this December, as the trailblazers of cell therapy analytical development, from the likes of Novartis, Century Therapeutics and Allogene come together to supercharge standardization efforts and novel assays to develop the full analytical package for cell therapies.

Here is a snapshot of the top 5 discussion you can’t afford to miss:

  • Optimize development of clinically relevant potency assays to determine activity of the cell therapy product with Precision Bioscience and Refuge Biotechnologies
  • Overcome the burden of release testing with Celyad Oncology to reduce the time to administration of cell therapies
  • Advance cell counting techniques with NIST to drive confidence in cell count and viability measurements
  • Supercharge your knowledge of each step of the CAR-T workflow with Essa Pharmaceuticals, to ensuring quality and efficacy of the final CAR-T product
  • Cement the future of cell therapies with Novartis and Elevate Bio through advancing product characterization