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Refining Analytical Tools to Better Characterize Drug Products & Future-Proof Automated Analytical Development to Speed Up Product Release & Treat More Patients

December 4-6, 2023 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the 5th Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit

Analytical development remains a critical component of the drug development landscape, but lengthy production timelines mean that automating analytical processes and expediting release times remain a key priority.  

In 2023, the Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit returned for its 5th year, uniting technical leaders to better characterize potency, safety, viability, and sterility across early and late-stage analytical development for oncology & regenerative medicine.  

2023 saw 3 tracks of content showcasing the most important advances across immunophenotype assays, molecular assays, and cell-based assays. Attendees brainstormed and shared case studies with industry leaders from Kite Pharma, Takeda, and Bristol Myers Squibb on best practices for optimizing release testing, meeting regulatory requirements, and developing phase appropriate tools to match manufacturing timelines using automation.  


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"A breakthrough summit that enables a discussion on emerging needs in the analytical development arena.”
Scientist, CRISPR Therapeutics

You Missed Out On:

5th Annual Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit logo ICON
5th Annual Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit logo ICON

Collaborating and exchanging insights with those pioneering cell therapy analytical development for CAR-T drug products and beyond, including Kite Pharma, Takeda, Century Therapeutics and Arsenal Bio.

Exploring brand new sessions dedicated to the nuances with analytical development for iPSC-derived, NK and gamma delta products and assay qualification and validation for regenerative medicine to reflect the expansion of cell therapies beyond CAR-T constructs 

5th Annual Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit logo ICON

Diving into the additional complexities for characterizing gene-edited products and drug substances such as viral vectorsfor comprehensive safety testing of your product 

5th Annual Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit logo ICON
5th Annual Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit logo ICON

Advancing your analytical program and discover best practices to optimize release testing, adapt to evolving regulatory requirements, and develop phase-appropriate tools.

Leveraging strategical case studies for developing standardized platforms to transform manual flow assays to automated processes to streamline vein-to-vein processes 

Previously Attending Companies:

Allogene - previously attending company
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Companies On The 2023 Program:

Kite - company on the program
Century Therapeutics - company on the program
Cellectis - company on the program
Arsenal Bio - company on the program
Beam Therapeutics - company on the program
Immatics - company on the program
Nist - company on the program
Disc Genics - company on the program

"The Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit is a highly effective platform for all players in the field of cell and gene therapy to come together and share knowledge, experiences, and learnings to advance the field together. New players can explore and learn from more experienced players and pioneers who have paved the way. There is a lot for everyone to take home, even the experienced players, as the field is rapidly evolving and the landscape constantly changing.”
Senior Director, Department of Chemistry, Manufacture and Control (CMC)
, Immatics

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