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Analytical Development Assays

In 2019 the Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit explored the technical and regulatory requirements necessary to advance the analysis and characterization of your cell therapies.

The meeting provided 22+ hours of content, 2 interactive workshops and over 5 hours of networking with key industry leaders to give unparalleled focus on analytical development to future-proof your product development.

Industry leaders came together to:

  • Address the need to fully understand the mechanism of action of a cell therapy to develop representative potency assays
  • Assess methods to develop functional assays suitable for routine and timely testing to overcome operational constraints
  • Explore ways to develop non-destructive and non-invasive in-line analytics
  • Discuss current techniques being developed to standardize flow cytometry and explores ways to overcome batch effects
  • Highlight sources of variability in cell counting measurement such as environmental, procedural, analytical and instrumental, and techniques to minimize variability

The Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit is the go to meeting for researchers in this field
Director of Research, TCBioPharm

This conferences continues to bring together thought leaders, with real world experiences who are willing to share their learnings to continue to accelerate and advance the field for patients” 

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