Vidya Sundararaman

Vidya Sundararaman

Company: Poseida Therapeutic

Job title: Director, Analytical Development


Roundtable Discussion 1: Exploring Best-in-Class Life Cycle Management of Assays 3:00 pm

Discussing the importance of phase appropriate testing Sharing methods to introduce new assays and removing those which aren’t relevant Sharing experience with scientific advisory meetings as a mechanism to implement these changesRead more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: The Strategic Path from Assay Development to Validation to Fast Track Regulatory Approval 2:30 pm

How do we establish regulatory compliant assays that satisfy quality and validation requirements? What is the best time to begin the process of method validation? At what point is full validation required? How to strategize the different quality standards depending on the assay phase?Read more

day: Day 1 Track 2 AM

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