Streamlining & Optimizing Viral Vector Bioprocess Analytical Development for Engineered Cell Therapy Products

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day – Workshop B


Broadly speaking, analytical development for cell therapies can be divided into drug product analytics and gene delivery analytics. With the former being the main focus of the industry, it is important to not forget the importance of the latter when engineered cell therapy products are a common occurrence. This workshop is a one-stop-shop to understand the main considerations and to simplify your analytical development and quality control strategies for viral vectors.

Attend to:

  • Review the common analytical tests and regulatory expectations for viral vectors used to engineer cellular therapeutics
  • Learn the basics in assay development, qualification and validation for gene delivery analytics
  • Discuss the strategy and analytical tools used to confidently characterize the vectors and ensure genetic integrity of the final cell therapy product