8:30 am Online Registration

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Standardizing Analytical Tools to Better Understand Product Quality and Attributes

9:00 am Know Your CAR: Toolkit for ACT Product Characterization

9:30 am Session Details to be Confirmed

10:00 am Comprehensive Product Characterization for Prediction of CAR-T Functionality and Durable Response in CAR-T Cell Therapy

  • Petrina Georgala Fellow Scientist, Analytical Lead Technical Research and Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

10:30 am Session Details to be Confirmed

11:00 am Virtual Speed Networking & Morning Break

Developing Reliable and Sensitive Tools to Optimize Safety and Final Product Quality

12:00 pm Development and Optimization of the Analytical Toolkit for Cell Therapies

  • Anthony Leyme Senior Scientist, Analytical Development, Elevate Bio

12:30 pm Utilizing High Parameter Flow Cytometry to Better Understand Your Cell Therapy Products

  • Mahwish Natalia Senior Scientist, Advanced analytics Cell therapies Analytical Development, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

1:00 pm Session Details to be Confirmed

1:30 pm Virtual Networking & Lunch

2:30 pm Paving the Path Toward Well Characterized Allogeneic Cell Therapy Products

  • Farah Fawaz VP Quality Control, Allogene Therapeutics

Developing Novel and Efficient Analytical Techniques for Development of Next Generation Cell Therapy Products

3:00 pm A Risk-Based Approach for Establishing Genomic Integrity and Stability for Genetically-Engineered, iPSC-Derived Cell Therapy Products

  • Jennifer Dashnau Head of Analytical Development & Quality Control , Century Therapeutics

3:30 pm Donor Selection for Allogeneic T Cell Therapy

4:00 pm Afternoon Networking & Virtual Poster Session

4:30 pm Panel Discussion – Exploring Key Questions for Allogeneic Analytics

5:00 pm CD19/22 Bi-Specific CAR T Clinical Trial Perspective: Understanding the Relationship Between the Manufacturing Process and the Final Cell Product

  • Steven Feldman Director, Manufacturing and Process Development Center for Cancer Cell Therapy, Stanford Cancer Institute

5:00 pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks & Close of Day One